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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Settling In...

It has been a several weeks and yet here we are both waiting for two more boxes. I was happy to get my first set of boxes just when US Postal said they would arrive - a week after I mailed them a day or two before my departure. I mailed 10 boxes all together. Priority International was the only option for Qatar. I got five boxes the week after I arrived. A few weeks later I got four boxes. Now, I'm still waiting for the last box. This box better come because it has a new set of pots and pans it it! I guess on a positive note my mentor told me that she has never not received a package, that they always arrive eventually.

I love getting packages and mostly ones from home. Buying things online and getting a package still leaves the possibility for disappointment. Maybe those jeans will not fit. Or maybe the shoes are not as comfortable as they looked online. However, packing all your worldly possessions into boxes and getting them days, weeks, months later is like Christmas. I ripped into all the nine boxes and cannot wait to get the last one. After we get M's last box and mine I think we will feel a stronger sense of "settled" more.

Unpacking was fun, but seeing a few broken plates and bowls was a sad affair. I even left them shattered in their cardboard protectors for a couple of weeks wondering what I might do with them. Nothing came to mind so I finally threw them in the trash.
Our soft, billowy, cuddly down comforter has been banned to the rug on our bedroom floor. It is just too hot still to use it. I look sadly at it every night tossed to the floor. (I am missing fall weather now!) I keep hearing other teachers say that we might want to buy small space heaters. All I can think of is M and I sitting on the sofa wrapped in our beloved down comforter. Space heaters be damned!

We are now starting to look for a vehicle. We are almost at the end of a two-month lease on the Honda Jazz. The Jazz has been good to us, but it is just too small and does not have enough "vroooooom" to get around the race track roundabouts in Qatar.

M just fixed our oven tonight. Baking will be our next big thrill. In the two months that I have been here the oven has never properly worked. I put in a work request, but apparently the "electrician" merely changed the fuse and actually disabled the wires to the baking elements. Well, if you do not connect those precious wires then how the heck is putting a new fuse going to help it bake? Nuts. However, all is well. We will be baking like mad the rest of the this week I am sure.

Until next time,
WW and WW's husband