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Monday, January 17, 2011


Here I am on another "non-teaching" day before I get to officially be on vacation, and I'm looking back at all we've done this fall.

Two exciting things have happened:

1. We decided to train for a marathon. IN THE DESERT! We'll be running the Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon this Friday, January 21st, 2011. I am excited, but also terrified of the pain I'll surely be in afterwards (and during!). While this will be my fifth marathon, it feels like the worst training I've been through: running in sweltering heat, being surrounded by all men staring at me in my running clothes, not being able to run alone (by personal choice, not law), and massive IT band and knee pain for a good portion of this past fall.

2. We decided to move home! This is perhaps even more exciting than running my fifth marathon! I cannot wait to to do the follow things in the United States:
  • buy dill pickles
  • buy delicious deli lunch meats
  • buy delicious whole wheat breads
  • buy yummy bagels
  • buy Dr. Pepper for my addict husband
  • work at an American university
  • run whenever, wherever I want - even alone if I choose!
  • run a race at Disney World with my sweetie husband
  • attempt a triathlon (first, must take swim lessons and buy a bike!)
  • enjoy four seasons
  • happily wear socks and close-toed shoes again, and all other cold weather clothes
  • be able to see friends and family more easily
  • go to the movies with an audience that knows talking on cell phones is rude
  • go to public places and know that a child unattended will be quickly sought out by a guardian, rather than left to the involuntary supervision of strangers
  • drive regularly in a car that will not be run off the road because some jerk is in a hurry and flashing his headlights while tailgating way too closely
  • have police that actually enforce the laws on a regular basis rather than only have responsibilities as traffic cops
  • celebrate all American holidays without offending someone by proudly saying to all "Merry Christmas!" rather than having to see it referred to as "the Magic Season" in the stores
  • wear shorts and t-shirts (and possibly sleeveless shirts! - gasp!) without offending others
  • watch our kitties experience life in the US - watching nature through house windows
  • relax without censoring my self - words like "girlfriend":and "boyfriend" and "dating" will become part of my vocabulary again
  • enjoy being able to leave my country for work or vacation without an exit permit
  • enjoy getting to know an American city with my husband (we moved to Qatar almost immediately after meeting and marrying)
  • getting a decent radio station while driving in the car
  • knowing that if it gets ridiculously hot in the summer that I can and will wear a bikini to a public or private pool and not worry about it offending everyone or drawing an insane amount of judging leers from random people
  • enjoying being home